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We've Got Floppies: S-1000, MPC, SP1200, Ensoniq, Casio, Emu! We even have sample disks for the old Sequential Prophet 2000. These are the sounds used by many of today's top artists and producers.

You don't need to spend a fortune to get the sounds you want. Our disks are $10 each so for a few bucks you can get a taste of the quality of our work. Buy ten and get one FREE! Most floppy disks are also available as downloadable disk images for only $5. each. Contact us for more info.

We've Got CD-ROMs and DVD's: A full production library right at your fingertips.

Our S-1000 CDRs will play on most of today's popular samplers and soft-samplers. Just load and play.

What's that, you say your sampler doesn't have a CD or Zip drive? Well no problem! We've got those too. If you have a SCSI port on your machine we have a CD or Zip drive to fit your budget. All drives tested and guaranteed to work with YOUR sampler.
But this is the 21st Century. We at Kid Nepro knows that software samplers and downloadable sounds are the wave of the future. Owners of Software Samplers like Native Instruments Kontakt, Giga-Sampler, Propellerheads Reason or Steinberg's Halion can use our Akai samples as well as our downloadable AIFF/WAV samples.

AIFF & WAV format samples make Kid Nepro sounds available to anyone who has a computer. At only $5 per package they're the best sample deal around. Pick the FREE e-mail delivery and we will get the sounds to you in a few minutes. They're also available on CD at BIG savings.
All our WAV CD's are also available as downloadable files.

We are the only sound company to support many older and vintage pieces of equipment that have been forgotten by other companies. We give you the best of the old and the new!