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Korg Triton Collection
For ALL Tritons Including the Classic, Studio, Extreme & LE
Also for Triton
Volume #1 - Classic Synths Volume #2 - Studio/Session Mix
Volume #3 - Soundtrack/Film Mix Volume #4 - Techno/Dance
Volume #5 - Killer Keyboards Volume #6 - Hip Hop/RnB Mix
Volume #7 - MOSS Special 1 * Volume #8 - Analog Heaven *
Volume #9 - MOSS Special 2 * Volume #10 - Super Mix
Volume #11 - Screamin B3's Volume #12 - Producers Mix
* Expansion Boards Required For Vols 7,8 & 9
Available in Korg PCG format or Standard Midi File.
Check out our FAQ for more info on formats and delivery options.
Most Banks (128 Programs/128 Combis) $30Volumes 5, 7, 9 & 11 (128 Programs) $25
Vols 1-6 & Vols 10-12: ONLY $100 (if you don't own an expansion board)
Best Deal! Get All 12 Volumes: Only $150
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Kid Nepro - Quality Sounds For The Korg Triton Series

Over an eight year period from 1999-2007 The Patch King produced a massive sound library for Korg's Triton Series. The most complete sound collection available anywhere. We offer a set of 12 PCG Files (Programs, Combinations, Global Data) with over 2000 new programs and combis! All sounds are compatible with the Triton Classic, Triton Extreme, Triton Studio, Triton LE and Triton Rack. Our new sounds are also compatible with the Korg TR Series synths including the TR61, TR76 and TR88. The sounds can be imported into the TR Series. However there is "limited" compatibility. Only Insert effect 1 is loaded, the other four are ignored.

Just click on any of the above soundbanks to view more info and check out the soundlists. You can also hear some MP3 audio demos by clicking on the MP3 next to the soundbank that your interested in.

Our PCG collection has a wide variety of soundbanks ranging from Classic Synths, Killer Keys and Screamin B3's for all you Classic Rock fans, to Hip Hop/R&B and Techno to help you create your next killer beat. The Soundtrack/Film Mix is a great addition to composers doing film scores or video work and our Studio/Session Mix is perfect for your next live gig or recording session.

We also offer two PCG soundbanks for the amazing MOSS expansion (Multi Oscillator Synthesis System) and a new set of analog sounds for the Korg Vintage Archive Expansion board. Note that Triton Extreme owners already have the vintage board built in and do not require any expansion to load that soundbank.

Korg MOSS Expansion

AND.... one of the largest selection of WAV files and Akai S1000/S3000 Sounds which can be loaded into the Triton's sampling section. We also give you a wide variety of choices and formats. Our sounds come on floppy, CD-ROM or via our FREE download delivery where you can order online and have your new sounds today.

Please contact us via phone or e-mail if you need any more info.