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Keyboards & Accessories

All items are used and come with a three month warranty unless marked for sale on "consignment". Consigned items have a 7 day check out period. Most items will come with a PDF copy of the manual. Photos are available upon request.

Looking for something not on our list? Just contact us and let us know what your looking for. We will let you know as soon as we have the item in stock.

Please note: All prices in US dollars. Prices do not include shipping and handling. Shipping prices vary depending of your location and shipping service selected. We ship worldwide!

Keyboards and accessories can not be ordered via our online order form. If you would like to place and order for anything on the list below or have any questions about an item e-mail us we will be happy to help you out.

Keyboards and Accessories

Korg M3m w/Radias &M256 EX $995 consignment Just In!

Roland MKS80 Super Jupiter Rack $2395 consignment Just In!

3.6 Pin Programmer Cable for Roland Synths $49    

Akai MPK-61 $295  

Akai S6000 W/USB/HD/Adat/Mem $550  

Alesis Q Card Hip Hop $55    

Arp Solus $1095  

Artura Origin $1395  

Casio CTK-4000 $145  

Crumar Performer $525  

Emu Mo'Phatt $160  

Emu Proformance+ $135  

Emu Proteus $89  

Emu Proteus XR $99  

Emu Vintage Keys+ $275  

Hohner D-6 Clavinet W/Lid And Legs $1695    

Korg Kontrol49 $175 Just In!

Korg M3-61 Xpanded $1395  

Korg N-264 $1195  

Korg Radias Rack $650 Just In!

Korg TR Rack $250 Just In!

Korg Triton $695  

Korg Triton Extreme $1095 Consignment

Korg Triton ProX $1195  

Korg Wavestation EX $450  

Korg Wavestation SR $250  

M-Audio Axiom25 LE Yellow $250 Just In!

M-Audio Oxygen49 $115  

M-Audio Prokeys Sono61 $295  

Moog Slim Phatty (LNIB) $675 Just In!

Moog Slim Phatty New! $825    

Nulogic MTS2 $115  

Oberheim Matrix1000 $450 Just In!

OpenLabs Soundslate $1195 Consignment-Price Drop!

Roland CTK-60 Keyboard Cube Amp $299  

Roland D-70 ROM Sound Elements Vol.1 $49    

Roland D-70 ROM Sound Library Vol.1 $49    

Roland D20 Rom Drums/Percussion $30    

Roland FantomXR $650 Just In!

Roland JD-990 $550  

Roland Juno-G $575  

Roland Jupiter6 $2095  

Roland JV Board Bass&Drums SR-JV80-10 $89    

Roland JV Board Experience II SR-JV80-98 $55    

Roland JV Board Experience SR-JV80-99 $55    

Roland JV Board HipHop SR-JV80-12 $65  

Roland JV Board Orchestral 2 SR-JV80-16 $119    

Roland JV Board Orchestral SR-JV80-02 $99    

Roland JV Board World SR-JV80-05 $99    

Roland JV Board World/Latin SR-JV80-18 $179    

Roland JV-1010 $199  

Roland JV-1080 $250  

Roland JV-2080 $295  

Roland JX-10 $495  

Roland JX8P $375  

Roland KC-300 $275  

Roland KC-550 Keyboard Amp $450  

Roland M256E Ram Card $95    

Roland M512D $99 Just In!  

Roland MKS-80 V.5 W/MPG-80 $2695 Consignment

Roland PN-D10-02 Drums & Perc for D-10/20/110 $59    

Roland PN-D70-03 Sound Library Set Vol.1 Rom for D-70110-07 Electric Guitar $55    

Roland RD-100 $425  

Roland SC-880 $325 Consignment

Roland SH2 W/Case $1100 Consignment

Roland SRX-01 Dynamic Drums $150    

Roland SRX-04 Symphonic Strings $199    

Roland SRX-05 Supreme Dance $195 Just In!  

Roland SRX-08 Platinum Trax $195 Just In!  

Roland U-110 $125  

Roland U-110 Rom SN-U110-07 Electric Guitar $49    

Roland U-220 $145  

Roland XP-60 $750 Consignment

Roland XV-3080 $350  

Roland XV-88 $650 Consignment vStudio Electronis ATC-1 W/MiniMoog Cart $850 Consignment

Voice Crystal 256Ram for Roland $99    

Waldorf Blofeld $550  

Yamaha DX7 $250  

Yamaha MM6 $425  

Yamaha Motif ES6 $1025  

Yamaha Motif XS6 $1495 Consignment

Yamaha P-70 $375  

Yamaha PSR225GM $99  

Yamaha SY77 House/Latin $95    

Yamaha TG55 Rom Sax $59    

Yamaha TX Rack (No Modules) $125  

Yamaha TX802 $250