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Ensoniq EPS/ASR Sample Library

Compatible with Original EPS • EPS16 • EPS16+
ASR10 • ASR88 • ASR-X • ASR-X Pro • TS10 • TS12

A complete professional production library on one CD. In the
best Kid Nepro tradition we give you the sounds of the street
and the sounds of the studio. We know what musicians want.
Don't spend more to get less.

The Patch King Treats You Right.
The Best Sounds @ the Best Prices!

Available on CD-ROM • Only $30

Note To Original EPS Owners: Some Instrument Set-ups Require 2 Megs of RAM
2 Megs are standard on all Ensoniq instruments except the original EPS, in which you need the
"2X expansion" to get 1.5 megs or the "4X expansion" to bring your EPS up to 2 Megs
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Kid Nepro Elite Series Sample CD for Ensoniq Samplers
Sample Listing
File 1 - Orchestra Hits - 12 Instrument Set-Ups
Hit Me Noisy Hits Super Hits Nepro Hits
Hits & Strings Finale Hit Swell Hit Mirage Hits
More Noise VFX Hits Proton Hits Blasts
File 2 - Basses - 36 Instrument Set-Ups
Wet Fretless Fretless Pick Bass Slap Bass
Classic R&B Proton Bass KN Bass Hood Bass
Phat Bass Analog Bass Wow Bass AC Bass
AC Bass 2 Deep Bass Synth Bass FM Bass
Elec Bass Bass-X Hi-Tech Bass Analog Bass
Hard Bass Techno Bass Sequen Bass FM Solid Bass
01W Slap Bs Moog Source Mini Moog Mo Moogs
House Bass Mini Moog 2 Deep Bass 1 Deep Bass 2
Deep Bass 3 Sub Bass Sub Bass 2 AC Sub Bass
File 3 - Kicks & Snares - 6 Instrument Set-Ups Over 200 Kicks & Snares
Kicks/Snares Kicks/Snares Kicks/Snares Kicks/Snares
Kick Mix Snare Mix    
File 4 - Drums/Percussion - 23 Instrument Set-Ups
Rap Drum Kit G-Funk Kit Dance Kit Percussion
Steel Drums Mega Kit Electro Kit Hip Hop Kit
House Kit Classic Kit Phat Trax Kit RockKit
Funk-1 Kit Funk-2 Kit Dance Kit Hi-Hats/Cymb
Jazz Kit Metal Kit Greasy Kit Greasy Bits
Live AC Kit HipHop2000    
File 5 - Guitars - 8 Instrument Set-Ups
Les Paul Flying-V Guitar Pick LA Guitar
Fender Strat Jazz Guitar Talk Guitar Power Guitar
File 6 - Hip Hop Hits & Bits - 1 Instrument Set-Up
1- Hits & Bits      
File 7 - Vocal Bites - 6 Instrument Set-Ups • 50+ Voice Samples Perfect for DJ/Dance
Vocal Bites-1 Vocal Bites-2 Vocal Bites-3  
Vocoder - Vocal FX Vocoder-FX Vol #2 Big Balls -Deep Voices  
File 8 - Keyboards - 4 Instrument Set-Ups
Dyno Rhodes Synth E-Piano Lead E-Piano Wurli Piano
File 9 - Assorted Synthesizers - 29 Instrument Set-Ups • A Mix of Analog & Digital Sounds
FM Bell Sup-JX Strings Piano Synth X-Mas Synth
Analog Saw Digital Synths Moog Lead-2 FM Fairlight
FM SYNTH OB8 Horns Textured Pad Jup-B3 Org
Big Synth Big Strings 01W Hit Lucky Man
Moog Brass Bend Brass White Noise ARP Strings
Moog Brass-2 Dance Work KN Synth Pro-VS String
VS Strings-2 Talk Lead Saw Lead Sine Lead
Pro Lead      
File 10 - Loops - 3 Instrument Set-Ups
Dance Loops-A Dance Loops-B 808 Deep Bass  
File 11 - Horns - 3 Instrument Set-Ups
Phat Trumpet Solo Trumpet Hip Hop Hornz