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Drums & Percussion Basses
117 G-Funk Drum Kit 149 Assorted Kicks 109 R&B Basses V1
118 Kicks/Snares V1 150 Assorted Snares 110 R&B Basses V2
119 Kicks/Snares V2 151 Hip Hop Drum Kit 111 Hip Hop Basses V1
120 Kicks/Snares V3 155 House Drum Kit 112 Hip Hop Basses V2
121 Kicks/Snares V4 159 Classic Beat Boxes 113 Hip Hop Basses V3
122 Nepro 808 Rap Drum Kit 160 Assorted Latin & Ethnic Perc 114 Deep Basses
123 Nepro 909 Dance Drum Kit 161 Power Rock Drum Kit 130 Mini Moog Basses
124 Electronic Techno Drum Kit 162 Funk Drum Kit V1 146 DX100 /01W Basses
125 GreasyGranny Drums 163 Funk Drum Kit V2 148 Synth Basses
128 Classic Nepro 808 Drum Loops 164 Rave/Dance Drums 171 Hip Hop Sub Basses
135 Hip Hop DJ Kit 165 Hi-Hats/Cymbals 182 Triton Sub, MOSS Basses
139 Live Acoustic Drum Kit 175 Phat Trax Drum Kit
142 HipHop Drum Loops 176 Hip Hop 2000 Kit
143 RX7 Raggae Drum Kit 177 Mega-Mix Kit
145 Acoustic Jazz Drum Kit 178 Hip Hop Kicks & Snares V1
179 Hip Hop Kicks & Snares V2 180 Hip Hop 2002 Drum Kit
Assorted Classic Hip Hop Sounds Guitars
104 Orchestra Hits V1 101 Assorted Rock Guitars
105 Orchestra Hits V2 152 HipHop Hits'nBits V1 102 Pick Guitars
106 Orchestra Hits V3 153 HipHop Hits'nBits V2 103 Jazz Guitars
107 Orchestra Hits V4 154 HipHop Hits'nBits V3 172 Lead & Funk Guitars
108 Orchestra Hits V5 156 Club Vocal Bytes V1 183 TRITON Guitar Gods
115 R&B Hornz 157 Club Vocal Bytes V2
116 HipHop Hornz 158 Club Vocal Bytes V3
Assorted Synths Keyboards
126 Nepro Super Digital Strings 144 Assorted Analog Synths 134 DynoRhodes E-P
127 Assorted Rave/Techno Sounds 147 SY99 Synths 138 B3 Organ
129 Prophet-5 Analog Synths 166 Dance Workstation 174 - Wurlitzer E-P
131 Super Dance Mix 167 Prophet-VS Synths
132 Moog Leads 168 Piano Synth Mix
133 Eastern Synths 169 Digital Synth Mix
136 Oberheim Brass 170 FM Fairlight Mix
137 Smooth Pads 173 Assorted Synth Leads
140 Vocoder Vocal Effects 141 Big Ball Voices 181 Guns & Rockets

Please Note: Our Ensoniq EPS and ASR sounds are now available as "Disk Images" only and delivered by our free "Download Delivery". Please check the above link, which fills you in on exactly how it works. We've tried to provide the sounds on floppy disks for as long as possible. However, I'm sorry to say that we have discontinued delivering libraries on floppy disk. The good news is the disk image files are exactly the same as the floppys and cost half as much. You just have to create your own floppys from the images. We provide a app that lets you do that. Or, if you have a USB Floppy Drive Emulator connected to your sampler that replaces the floppy drive, you can save the images to that device and load the sounds from that.

Ensoniq released the original 12 bit EPS sampler in 1988. It was a big improvement over their first 8 bit "Mirage" sampler which was plagued with many problems from the start. EPS stands for "Ensoniq Performance Sampler" which meant it was designed for live performing. The EPS included two processors, so you can continue playing while another sample loads. One processor handles the IO while the other is responsible for keeping the audio running without interruption. This feature along with it's easy to use interface and built in sequencer made the EPS one of Ensoniq's best sellers.

The EPS was available as a 61 note keyboard or as the rackmount EPS-M. It shipped with only 512K of sample RAM, but you could purchase either a 2X memory expander which doubled the memory to 1 Meg or max it out with the 4X expander and get a whopping 2 Megs of memory. All very primitive today, but back then it was state of the art. An optional output expander (OEX-8) allowed you to access eight mono outputs on the machine, allowing you to separately mix levels and effects for each loaded sample. A SCSI port was also available as an option to let you connect a CD-ROM or hard drive. In 1991 Ensoniq followed up with the 16 bit EPS16+ which was pretty much the same as the original, only it also added a few digital effects.

1992 saw the release of the classic ASR-10 which took the EPS to the next level. ASR stands for "Advanced Sampling Recorder" The concept was that you did not need any equipment other then the ASR to record a complete track. The ASR had a more powerful sequencer, could load up to 16 megs of RAM and had the ability to resample a sound with the effects included. There are up to 62 effects (including vocoding) based on Ensoniq's DP/4 effects processor. This make the ASR sampler one of the true classic hardware samplers ever produced. Even today ASR10's are widely sort after, especially with the Hip Hop crowd and sell right away when one is being offered for sale on the used market.

The ASR-X and ASR-X Pro - The last in the Ensoniq line

Finally in the late 90's, Ensoniq produced the ASR-X and ASR-X pro which were in the style of the "sampling drum machine" made popular by the Akai MPC series. They were great boxes with lots of cool features, but never seemed to sell as well as the ASR10 or the Akai MPC's. These were among the last products that Ensoniq produced before selling out to EMU. Despite having many innovative features Ensoniq instruments suffered from reliability problems. The company also made some bad business decisions. The result is another great American electronic instrument company that is now just part of history.

The sounds listed above are available for the original EPS, EPS16+, ASR10 and ASR-X. They are also compatible with the Ensoniq TS10 and TS12 synthesizers. We also have the complete collection available on CD-ROM. Check out our WAV database. for lots of cool stuff which you can download and start using in your tracks today.

If you have any questions or comments please contact us via phone or e-mail. Thank's for your support and Happy Sampling!